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Originally Posted by Icculus View Post

You can "peck" 90-100 WPM?? I assume by peck you mean using all your fingers, not just the traditional 2-finger pecking method otherwise that's pretty much impossible.
No, It's not impossible. I do mean traditional 2-finger pecking.

Here are the results of tests from three different websites:

Words Per Minute (WPM): 102
Words Typed: 75
Mistakes Made: 11

Words Per Minute (WPM): 103
Words Typed: 85
Mistakes Made: 9

Words Per Minute (WPM): 112
Words Typed: 93
Mistakes Made: 4

Base WPM: 107
Errors: 3 (97% Accuracy)
Adjusted WPM: 104

Base WPM: 80
Errors: 3 (96% Accuracy)
Adjusted WPM: 77

Base WPM: 104
Errors: 13 (87% Accuracy)
Adjusted WPM: 91

Base WPM: 110
Errors: 16 (85% Accuracy)
Adjusted WPM: 94

Base WPM: 95
Errors: 8 (91% Accuracy)
Adjusted WPM: 87

Words per Minute: 97wpm
Errors: 8

Words per Minute: 95wpm
Errors: 2

Words per Minute: 110wpm
Errors: 3
My accuracy suffers. I'll get a screen recorder sometime. Back to the original thread, I got the Dvorak home-row keys down in a day or two. It's still a little weird forgetting the location of key right under your fingers, but I notice improvement. Right off the bat, I am able to construct most of the 'meat' of sentences with the home-row keys.

I don't have any worry about switching between the two. I am going to apply traditional typing style to Dvorak and keep my lame pecking method for QWERTY. I figure the differences in typing styles will retain my muscle memories and allow me to use both keyboard layouts.
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