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i was on your server playin it with you - beat it using scout, havnt tried much with soldier yet

crazy how you can bhop from the end platform of jump one to the end platform of jump 2 after an HH LOL - or just hh across both jumps 1 and 2 at once - and i noticed on your long jumps that long jumps are gunna have to be alot longer than they were in TFC, as HH concs LAUNCH you now

good map man i posted it on the "Super map list thread" with a link pointing to this forum so that they can get it up on the map list

last jump is so weird tho... you and that M|M guy told me how to do it, and im like wtf that doesnt make sense.... but making sense or no, it works

i like the shortcut 2... reminds me of that juggle jump on concmap_2v2_2

if you plan on adding any more jumps to it please consider this:
a little concmap jump request i put in

anyways had lots of fun on your map, glad to see people already releasing concmaps - looking forward to any future releases you may have

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