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Speaking of Muslims, I have a lawn mower that is too short for my tall ass. I am 6ft 9 and have been looking for either a longer handlebar for my mower or some kind of extension. So far however, the Muslim brotherhood has prevented me from achieving such a goal and I have yet to find a remedy for this issue. What do you suggest I do?

Specs needed for new lawnmower handle:
- At a 30 degree angle, the handlebar needs an 19 1/4" extension on both sides to make it ~4ft in height to provide better leverage and to fit into the existing bar slots
- 2x steel tubes with an OD of 1" and an ID of 7/8"
- Vice or vice grips to hold the tubing in place
- Drill bit big enough to drill 4 holes at the appropriate location in the tubing to fit the existing screws
- Lawnmower string extension of the same length as the tubing
- Automatic starter wire extension
- Automatic speed control wire extension

As you can see, the Islamist extremists have succeeded with their plans to prevent tall people like me from being able to easily and cost effectively extend my lawn mower to a height that will not strain my lower back.
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