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Moto's Sexytime Funhouse server is open for business!



- Server Rules
  • Don't be a douche.
  • No hacking.
  • No racism or sexism.
  • Do not spawn camp/spam.
  • Do not deliberately kill or spam your teammates.
  • No mic spamming. This is a game server, not your soap box.
  • To play music over HLDJ/HLSS, you must get permission from an admin.
  • Last but not least, HAVE FUN!
- Class Limits
  • 1 Pyro per team max
  • 2 Snipers per team max
  • 2 Engineers per team max
  • 3 HWs per team max
- Server has over 100 custom maps to choose from.
- A decent Mapcycle and the ability to RTV/Nominate your favorite maps.
- Customized to 'fix' gamebreaking overpowered classes.
  • Soldier's Laser Grenade is just too OP to keep in game, so it has been removed until the next patch is released.
  • Pyro's Armor class changed from .6 to .5 to match the engineer. He still has 150 armor by default. Lighter armor also means more tricks with the flamethrower.
  • Pyro's Speed changed from 300 to 280 to match the Speed of the Demoman.
  • Pyro's Napalm grenade from 4 max, 2 initial to 2:1.
This server is not your normal every day run of the mill server. It is awesome and fills up almost every day. Currently, the most active times seem to be around 2-5pm CST, 7pm CST and 9pm-2am CST.

Don't miss out on massive amounts of fun. Join our server today!

If You would like to help keep this server alive, you can donate directly to the server here!
Moto's Funhouse | Dallas, TX -

ff_plunder - Complete

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