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Originally Posted by CaptainAhab View Post
I used to play HoN, but the community and EA drove me away. It's a neat game though, and really starting to grow.
I've found 2 things about HoN:

Winning is much MUCH more fun than losing (like, losing is actively painful, e.g. you know you've lost after 5 minutes but your team won't concede for 30 minutes)
You can create unlimited accounts which start at a low matchmaking rating.

So now, I never lose. I guess i'm lame, but until they reduce the utter torture of playing until the bitter end, and let me concede when all 4 of my teammates leave or go AFK, that's how I'll play.

Also when my friends are on, we'll play until we're about to win, then concede. Broken design much? Yep.

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