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Originally Posted by WiFiDi View Post
you can double quote you know.

also i'm strictly a non member so i don't even think i can get to the other side of the island. havn't played in like 4 or 5 years now.

then theres coh i highly recommend it next time steam puts it on sale (as 50 bucks is well expensive for all 3. (still wroth but still who has money to burn like that.) but i highly recommend it to any rts fan. great game great attention to detail very unique. still has a good commuinity (alot of people play it.) also has a large collection of mods.
When I figure out how to multi-quote I will use that feature. I see the button, but I'm still lost. lol

Oh yeah, the Karamja man is a somewhat recent addition, though who knows. I just came back recently from a relatively long hiatus.
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