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i don't think you want a list of what i play about 20 or so game on and off.

so here we go (for easy understanding ill even break it up into categories.)

Fortress Forever (not as much as one would like.)
L4D series (1&2)
BF3 (not much recently.)
COD5 (nazi zombies exclusively.)
Portal series working on beating both of em (the cake is a lie.)

RTS games
Company of heroes series (as well as about 4 of its mods.)
men of war series (men of war and men of war assault squad)
Total War: Series (at 20 gigs per game i have like 4 of them.)
Civ 4/5 (play it with friends.)
AoE III (bread and butter play it on and off for fun.)
Starcraft II (great game don't play it that often not that good at it.)

also i played runescape for years you know when it was 2d however during middle school or right about the end it became and slow decline of me going fishing at karjamara. make alot of money for a non member as i never bothered paying. if i remember correctly Hacker 4 was my username.

edit: added a few games that i play.
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