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Originally Posted by LeadMine View Post
lol sure as fuck showed trailer because of his own ignorance to listen to people about stuff his server was crashed. a little breakdown.. when someone is trying to help you at least offer them the chance to listen. i did not crash trailers server intentionally to be malicious rather i told him several times his server didn't have the plugins to protect against such a thing and he insisted that it did.. So what do you know.. a case of i was right and he was was hurt.. Shame it had to be in front of all his buddies lol. As far as credibility im a regular FF pickup player who runs 3/4 servers we use here in this community and pay for another. which doesn't say much because ive only been around since Aug 2010 but its clearly evident that i know exactly how to catch Death from above in this demo sisco's took were i tested him over and over and every time he failed. oh and bro. Dont let your alligator mouth override your mosquito ass.

Grats to you for owning half the community - that doesn't change the fact that you're a giant douchebag.

Trailer may have jumped the gun when you were trying to "help" him, but the way you went about the entire thing was childish, and assholish.

Edit: dfa can stay banned for all I care - all he does is talk shit and pipe respawns. big loss =\

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