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So, after making this map, I spent 20 minutes and 200 attempts at it and finished it twice.

It's pretty damn fun.

Bear in mind you prolly shouldn't have multiple people go at the same time though, because they'll jump on each others heads and stuff. It'd be cool to see how fast you can do it that way though...

Lua tracks exactly how fast you take and whether it beats your old personal best and whether it beats the current best time (in each session - I couldn't be arsed to use SaveMapData :P).

It's damn difficult though.

You need to stop bhopping in some places to go slow enough to actually get round places, and even slightly tapping the red will (most of the time - blame the Source engine) kill you. Oh, and in some places you HAVE to trimp or double jump to get across.


Now I wanna see what times you guyses can do it in.

Also, ignore the fact that the first person beats 'no-one' by about 90 seconds because I couldn't be arsed to actually make anything apart from a work-around when the first person finishes.
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