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ff_medieval - B13 RELEASED (UNLUCKY 13!)

Download URL:
Older Versions Download URL:
Change Log:

  1. Map geometry
    • Tunnel extended to come out above flag
    • Added ladder
    • Removed resupply in offy spawn
    • Extended the tunnel between crossover and ramp
    • hoped to fix FPS issues arising in b12

  1. Map geometry
    • Added defense spawn in FD tunnel to stop lock down of switch
    • Altered front of base ramps for easier sliding for flow
    • Widened security switch and security door passageways for flow
    • Added hole in wall in FR to hide out when someone is capping
    • Hollowed out the FR tall platform to run behind for taking down SG
    • Added position at V-Ramps for sentry
    • Added lower platform at V-Ramps for movement possibilities
    • lengthened narrow tunnel which runs between Double Ramps and V-Ramps to slow/discourage flag runners
  2. Lighting
    • Moved all light entities closer to the model
    • Now using 50% falloff values with ~3000 brightness
    • HDR that actually looks fairly good without huge contrasts

  1. Map geometry
    • Made spawn room bigger so defence spawns slightly back
    • Added a small tunnel between V-ramp and crossover to lessen the chances of a defence security lockdown
    • Flag is now slightly dipped in the middle to help with pipe placement

  1. Map geometry
    • Lowered flag points by 16
    • Fixed flag room ladder
    • Ladder at double ramps
    • Added floor trims to crossover, underpass, v-ramp tunnel, and flag room
    • Added water feature in flag room
    • Added 3D sky box with idea of mountains
  2. Lighting
    • increased all cage light brightness by 10
  3. LUA & Gameplay
    • Locations fixed for ramps
    • Added Defence only speed ramps exiting FR
    • Added Offence only speed ramp exiting spawn

  1. Map geometry
    • Removed defence spawn
    • Added door into base from spawn in the tunnel to V-Ramp
    • Altered yard displacements (less bumpy)
    • Changed lift into ramps
    • Top of double ramps now have narrowed geometry
    • Added shield over door (trigger_hurt now obvious)
  2. Lighting
    • increased all lights from 16/35/37 to 32/65/87
  3. LUA & Gameplay
    • Altered bags
    • Added second bag to FR

  1. Map geometry
    • Changed offense spawn to a cave
    • Surrounding terrain completed
    • Altered yard displacements
    • Previous 3d skybox now map geometry (allow for hillside skybox)
    • Extended yard sizeways (clip brushes curved)
    • Added castle style wall (above lift to fr corridoor window)
    • Added ruined castle (crap version)
    • Changed ladder models (now clearly visible)
    • Made all cable clips & floor lights none solid entities
    • Removed lift wall
    • Altered the lift to suit side entry
    • Slanted trim above lift so that players don't hit their head
  2. Lighting
    • Added lights on vramp
    • Changed spawn resupply lights from 1 brightness to 300
    • Changed resupply bag lights from 10 brightness to 300
    • Alterd lighting and added info_lighting to improve visibility of ladders
  3. Optimisation
    • Changed window areaportals to close at more appropriate distances (+/- FPS)
    • Added extra sky hint brushes (reducing amount drawn)
    • Changed trees to fade at certain appropriate distances
  4. Other
    • Fixed doors after prematch
    • Fixed teleporter exit direction
    • Changed grenade bag to only contain 1 grenade
    • Stopped teleporter sound from playing everywhere

  1. Map geometry
    • Moved flag slightly inwards as it could be easily missed before
    • Added a light near FR ladder Last minuite - looks crap
  2. Optimisation
    • Cut up some visleafs outside (avoids rendering too much)
    • Changed lift window areaportals to close at a shorter distance
  3. Other
    • Loading screen now works - to be improved for final version

B2 Screenshots: Click for 1680x1050 screens

Overview -

Battlements -

Crossover -

Lift -

V-Ramp -

FR -

Spawns -

Expected future (some day) alterations
  • Include cables for lights To be made in 3dsmax. I have so many ropes that the half-life ropes cause hl2.exe to crash out due to indexing problems (stupid).
  • Include flag directions signs To be made in 3dsmax if people think they would be a good idea.

Hope you all like it, critique and suggestions welcome.

Just to show you the cables that I have to remake, here's some pictures of an old version of the map with the half-life cables (keyframe_ropes) included:
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Peace, Elmo

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