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I got TFC with half life, and never really looked at it till i finished HL

I installed it, and played it, and i was shocked to my foundations, it was the best thing since sliced bread. I played for a year, but it started to get boring, thats when i was first introduced to the "fun" servers (TDO knows) like the Silly Zone, but that died, not sure why, then TSZS, that died too, and although not related but still the same game style, The Yay Pit, these servers have kept my intrest in TFC for so long (3.2 years). I even enjoy mapping for them, and not doing deathmatch crap.

Unlike some others, i didnt get a helping hand when i started, i joined a server and i was thrown into new stuff (i never played anything prior to TFC) but i survived, and im glad.

Major props for the FF team
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