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Started out playing doom2 on a lan at college.. fun stuff but short lived

Got hl early on when all you had was single player and hldm.. played hldm on my isdn line with a 500 ping for about 6 months.. then tfc came out. I played here and there learning the game.. lots of 24 player 2fort pubs. Finally stumbled upon clans and joined one.. learned the ropes and when it closed down i met GHOB.. who recruited me into AOD.. who was 3rd on the ogl ladder at the time.
Over the years myself and the game changed a lot. I played for 3 noob-level clans.. 3 championship teams.. joined a medic and a demoman guild... was an admin on the Catacombs for a long time.. played the best and worst clans and people TFC had to offer in North America, even played some vs the manky euro m0ngs here and there.
I love tfc.. but tfc is not about a game.. it is about the friendships earned while playing.. it is about the fun had on match night: before, during, and after the match. It is about the community. I hope this mod catches on and builds just such a community, i see you have some good people on your team.. if you ever need any help with the gameplay testing dospac or defrag.. i could lend a crowbar or conc

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