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exec userconfig.cfg

// Place any global binds/aliases/scripts into the userconfig.cfg file and specifics into each <classname>.cfg
// IMPORTANT: The userconfig.cfg file DOES NOT auto-execute.
// It can only be executed in console with "exec userconfig.cfg" or by the <classname>.cfg files using that command as above.
// If you are reading this line, then just leave this file in the cfg folder and the userconfig.cfg file will work fine.
// For more information, see our tutorials on the Fortress-Forever Wiki.

// Place any engineer specific commands below this line.

sensitivity 7.7
bind t "detdispenser"
bind mwheelup "sentrygun"
bind f "detdismantlesentry"
bind mouse2 "+attack2"
bind mouse5 "+gren1"
bind v "toggletwo"
bind "1" "slot1"
bind "2" "slot2"
bind "3" "slot3"
bind "4" "slot4"
bind "5" "slot5"
bind "6" "slot6"
bind "7" "slot7"
bind "8" "slot8"
bind "9" "slot9"
bind c "dropitems"
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