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Should be the last update before release:
  • Fix mirvlets being flagged as handheld and always damaging their owner
  • Fix single shotgun being accidentally removed from the soldier
  • Lua: Add IsProjectile/CastToProjectile functions
  • Lua: Add IsInfoScript function
  • Lua: Add IsBuildable/CastToBuildable functions
  • Lua: Add function GetEntitiesInSphere(Vector center, float radius, bool ignore_walls)
  • Lua: Add collection filter flag CF.kJumpPad
  • Lua: Expose gEntList as the global variable GlobalEntityList

    GlobalEntityList:FirstEntity() // get the first CBaseEntity in the GlobalEntityList
    GlobalEntityList:NextEntity(CBaseEntity current_entity) // get the next CBaseEntity in the list, after current_entity
    GlobalEntityList:NumEntities() // get the total number of entities
  • Lua: Fix typo in CF.kInfoScripts (was CF.kInfoScipts) (CF.kInfoScipts will remain for backwards compatibility)
  • Lua: Fix HUD timers' seconds getting truncated in the wrong direction when counting down
  • Lua: Add Luabind's class_info function (see
  • Fix crosshair dropdown using # as a spacer character
  • Lua: Add lua-spawned trails on entities, coloured by team
    Functions added:
    entity:StartTrail(int teamid)
    entity:StartTrail(int teamid, float start_width, float end_width, float lifetime)

Also fixed dedicated server CPU usage idling at 100% (but there might be side effects to the fix; we'll see).

Did not update the OP with this stuff. Working on formalizing the changelog now and then it'll be posted in the proper location.
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