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Pushing an update with the following changes (added these to the OP as well):
  • Remove the single shotgun from the hwguy, medic, and pyro (see
  • Rampsliding sparks should show for other players
  • Deleted duplicate mulchtimer/whiteunicorn gren timer wavs
  • Improved base_shutdown.lua
    • Add built-in support for trigger-based buttons (blue_security_trigger/red_security_trigger)
    • Add built-in support for Lua-defined security shutdown length (SECURITY_LENGTH)
    • Add built-in support for turning on/off lights, brushes, trigger_ff_clips, and trigger_hurts
    • Add some helpful team-oriented trigger definitions in base_teamplay.lua
  • Lua: Make Lua's 'print' function redirect to the console
  • Lua: Add lua_dostring server command that will attempt to run the given string in the global Lua environment
  • Lua: Expose all safe default Lua library functions (newly exposed packages: package, debug, os)
  • Lua: Make Lua's 'require' look in ModDir/maps/includes, ModDir/maps/ and ModDir/ when resolving modules
  • Lua: Convert IncludeScript into an alias of require
  • Lua: Add tostring support for CBaseEntity, CFFPlayer, CTeam, and Color userdata
  • Lua: Add global function GetEntitiesByName(entname) that returns a Lua table containing the matching entities

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