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Pushed an update yesterday with the following changes (added these to the OP as well):
  • Bump flag touch bounds up to 65% height and 100% width (from 50% height, 75% width)
  • Fix deathnotice backgrounds not having correct dimensions when the airshot icon is drawn
  • Fix ff_restartround resetting twice when called with 0 prematch time
  • Make 0 prematch the default when using ff_restartround without a parameter (ff_setprematch is better for cases where you just want to add prematch)
  • Lua: Expose player functions GetFortPoints, GetFrags, GetDeaths
  • Lua: Fix execution errors not being caught and failing silently
  • Lua: Add global function GetGameDescription
  • Lua: Add buildable_killed(buildable, damageinfo) callback
  • Lua: Add player:SetDisguise(int teamId, int classId, bool isInstant)
  • Lua: Allow IncludeScript to use paths to subdirectories
  • Lua: Add player:IsInAir(unitsAboveGround) overload (checks if the player is the specified number of units above the ground)
  • Lua: Add player:IsFlashlightOn()
  • Lua: Fix AT.kForceThrowItems and AT.kForceDropItems not doing what they say
  • Lua: Remove arbitrary restriction on loading script files after the initial load sequence
  • Lua: Make player:IsFlashlightOn return a boolean
  • Lua: Expose player:ResetDisguise
  • Lua: Add player:AddHealth(healAmount, allowOverheal) overload
  • Lua: Rename DisplayMessage to SendHintToPlayer and add SendHintToTeam/SendHintToAll functions

And the following temporary/WIP/test changes:
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