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Beta changelog

Current differences between Fortress Forever 2.46 and the Steam beta version:
  • Fixed spectators not getting their kills/deaths/fortpoints reset on restart round
  • Fixed getting a frag added when using the 'spectate' console command (it used to be to compensate for the -1 frag from suiciding)
  • Fixed grenades disappearing after falling too far
  • Lowered the hard cap from 180% to 171%
  • Fixed flags getting stuck in ceilings
  • Added support for separate collision and touch bounds for info_ff_scripts. The sizes are now controlled by Lua functions:
    + <entity_name>:gettouchsizes( mins, maxs ) passes min and max vectors by reference for the function to alter in place
    + <entity_name>:getphysicssizes( mins, maxs ) passes min and max vectors by reference for the function to alter in place
    + <entity_name>:getbloatsize() expects a float return value, uses the value to inflate the touch bounding box (default bloat is 12)
  • Flag touch bounds have been decreased somewhat significantly: touch height is now ~65% of flag height, and touch width is now ~100% of flag width (flag touch bounds used to be larger than the flag itself in both dimensions)
  • Added different kill icons for unbounced rails, single bounced rails, and double bounced rails
  • Added airshot detection
    * Airshots show in the console like so: player killed player with weapon (airshot)
    * Airshots are logged to file like so: "player<id><steamid><team>" killed "player<id><steamid><team>" with "weapon" (modifier "airshot")
    + The (modifier "") string only gets added if there actually was an airshot, otherwise the entire parenthetical is absent from the line
  • Fixed ff_training not showing map loading info when launched from the main menu
  • Allowed the speedometer to show while spectating someone
  • Added a middle bhop cap - when you are over it, reduce speed by more. Currently set to 1.55 speed (620 for scout) and it has a lower pcfactor (0.3 rather than 0.65). This means downtrimping is good for one jump and reduces successive conc skim jumps without reducing the hard cap too much
  • Slimmed down the number of maps included with FF
  • Fixed ff_restartround resetting twice when called with 0 prematch time
  • Made 0 prematch the default when using ff_restartround without a parameter (ff_setprematch is better for cases where you just want to add prematch)
  • Removed the single shotgun from the hwguy, medic, and pyro (see
  • Improved base_shutdown.lua
    • Add built-in support for trigger-based buttons (blue_security_trigger/red_security_trigger)
    • Add built-in support for Lua-defined security shutdown length (SECURITY_LENGTH)
    • Add built-in support for turning on/off lights, brushes, trigger_ff_clips, and trigger_hurts
    • Add some helpful team-oriented trigger definitions in base_teamplay.lua
  • Add hud_fastswitch and hud_weaponselect to the Fortress Options "HUD" section
  • Revert back to the 2.4 menu background because it was pretty cool
  • Remove the map guide menu and make the Flythrough button go directly to the flythrough
  • Remove the objective icon on the flag for defenders in IvD/AvD maps (it always points to the cap point that needs to be defended instead)
  • Remove nailgun from sniper
  • Make the sniper rifle use nails to avoid shared ammo between sniper rifle/autorifle
  • Fix unicode character support in VGUI/HUD elements
  • Add Spanish translation by VMX and Firefox11
  • Add (incomplete) Russian localization by Gordon
  • Add Portuguese (BR) translation by Gemini Saga
  • Improve HUD font: add Latin-1 Supplement and other missing chars (adds things like custom accented chars, #, &amp;, $, ~, etc)
  • Revert all IvD maps that used the time-limited-round-based system to the default IvD system (only switch teams after all caps have been captured)
  • Add a timer on the HUD that reflects how long security is down for on all security maps
  • Fix materials/ff/ff08_sign_up_green material using the yellow texture instead of the green one
  • Fixed the glass material in ff_dm
  • Changed the team names in ff_dm to something more appropriate
  • Fix conc speed being limited for too long after using a jump pad (
  • Added sparks/dust to the feet of rampsliders (cl_rampslidefx cvar for toggling the effects on/off, and cl_rampslidefx_* cvars for controlling how it looks/behaves)
  • Generate <classname>.cfg/userconfig.cfg files at runtime if they don't exist
  • Add hud_weaponselect cvar (briefly shows the weapon select menu whenever switching weapons when hud_fastswitch is enabled; defaulted to enabled)
  • Default hud_fastswitch to 1
  • Remove the map guide menu as it has never been utilized
  • Make HH explosive grenades (frag/mirv) work like they do in TFC (HHing a gren now simply adds 1000 speed in the direction that you're currently moving (or 950 speed straight up if you're not moving at all)
  • Cap jump pad + conc horiz and vert speed separately
  • Set jump pad horiz boost to 768 (was 1024 in 2.46)
  • Optimise Lua HUD network messages (send a number ID over the network rather than a string)

Lua changes:
  • Lua: Expose player functions GetFortPoints, GetFrags, GetDeaths
  • Lua: Fix execution errors not being caught and failing silently
  • Lua: Add global function GetGameDescription
  • Lua: Add buildable_killed(buildable, damageinfo) callback
  • Lua: Add player:SetDisguise(int teamId, int classId, bool isInstant)
  • Lua: Allow IncludeScript to use paths to subdirectories
  • Lua: Add player:IsInAir(unitsAboveGround) overload (checks if the player is the specified number of units above the ground)
  • Lua: Add player:IsFlashlightOn()
  • Lua: Fix AT.kForceThrowItems and AT.kForceDropItems not doing what they say
  • Lua: Remove arbitrary restriction on loading script files after the initial load sequence
  • Lua: Expose player:ResetDisguise
  • Lua: Add player:AddHealth(healAmount, allowOverheal) overload
  • Lua: Rename DisplayMessage to SendHintToPlayer and add SendHintToTeam/SendHintToAll functions
  • Lua: Make Lua's 'print' function redirect to the console
  • Lua: Add lua_dostring server command that will attempt to run the given string in the global Lua environment
  • Lua: Expose all safe default Lua library functions (newly exposed packages: package, debug, os)
  • Lua: Make Lua's 'require' look in ModDir/maps/includes, ModDir/maps/ and ModDir/ when resolving modules
  • Lua: Convert IncludeScript into an alias of require
  • Lua: Add tostring support for CBaseEntity, CFFPlayer, CTeam, and Color userdata
  • Lua: Add global function GetEntitiesByName(entname) that returns a Lua table containing the matching entities
  • Lua: Add player_onuse callback
  • Allow bounced rails to collide with their shooter
  • Lua: Add global GetPlayers function (returns a table (array) of all players on the server)
  • Lua: Remove luabind's 'class' implementation because it seems to be broken
  • Lua: Add IsJumpPad/CastToJumpPad
  • Lua: Add IsEntity
  • Lua: Majorly improve Lua's ability to interact with sentryguns

    Player functions added to get the player's buildables (or nil if they're not built):


    Sentry Gun functions added:

    sg:SetLevel(int level) // sets the level (does not play upgrade sounds)
    sg:Upgrade() // upgrades to the next level
    sg:Repair(int cells) // adds health based on the number of cells
    sg:AddAmmo(int shells, int rockets) // adds ammo
    sg:RocketPosition() // returns the Vector position of where rockets are fired from
    sg:MuzzlePosition() // returns the Vector position of where bullets are fired from
    sg:GetRockets() // number of rockets the SG has
    sg:GetShells() // number of shells the SG has
    sg:GetHealth() // amount of health the SG has
    sg:SetRockets(int rockets)
    sg:SetShells(int shells)
    sg:SetHealth(int health)
    sg:SetFocusPoint(Vector point) // sets where the SG wants to look
    sg:GetEnemy() // gets the target of the SG (CBaseEntity)
    sg:SetEnemy(CBaseEntity enemy)
    sg:GetVecAiming() // gets the direction vector of the SG's current aim direction
    sg:GetVecGoal() // gets the direction vector of the SG's goal aim direction
    sg:Shoot() // makes the SG shoot one shell
    sg:ShootRocket() // makes the SG shoot one rocket
  • Lua: Fix entity:SetFriction() not working on players
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