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issueid=343 06-23-2011 11:18 PM
Flamer of Worlds
Grenade priming
Essentially fixing that annoying bug that when you want to prime a grenade it primes... not chuck

Alright, this bug is getting annoying.

I've been in combat too many times and I try to prime a grenade, and the game throws it instead of holding it.

Anywho re-producing it:

Prime a grenade or press the key right when you die, and it will do what I said above.

It will throw it the next time you attempt to prime a grenade instead of priming it. (even when you hold the key down)
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category General Game
Status Unconfirmed
Priority 5 - Medium
Affected Version 2.41
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 0
Users unable to reproduce bug 1
Assigned Users (none)
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06-23-2011 11:45 PM
Everyones favorite FreaK
Do you not use Two Tap Grenades?, could help your problem, I do know what you mean though and it has happened to me, but it's never bothered me too much.

Saying that though, sometimes as scout (because I use two tap for my concs), I have hit it once to start priming the conc, and sometimes instead of priming, it just throws the conc instantly. And that can be annoying. So it sounds like it is a problem for both ways of throwing/priming grenades.
06-23-2011 11:50 PM
Stuff Do-er
I've never had this happen, but it's been brought up a few times. Thanks for the info on how to reproduce it.

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