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Partly corrupt demo files Issue Tools
issueid=331 12-30-2010 12:53 AM
Slayer of humans
Partly corrupt demo files
Demo plays black when recording after a map switch

I've posted about this before but Ricy suggested to post about it again. So here is what happens...

I'm recording a demo of a game. (demo.dem)
Game ends, map switches and the demo keeps recording. (demo_02.dem) Automatically gets the _02 added onto it.

After the game I start up FF, type in playdemo demo_02.demo
when it starts up its just a black screen. No sound or anything like that. The ticks are moving and if you notice they go past the total amount of ticks that there should be. For example if the demo has 1900 ticks, it will continue reading past 1900.

Now heres something thats interesting. In the demoui, if I put 1 into the goto box and hit it, I get a black screen. I put 2 into the goto box I get the same thing. But when I put 3 into goto box and hit the button the map starts up just like it should and continues playing just like it should with sound and everything.

Here is a test file I did.

When you load it up like usual you will get a black screen. If you start up the demoui and put 3 into the goto box and then hit the button the demo will load like normal.

And no this doesn't happen when I just into a game and start recording then. It only happens after a map switch.

This is why I exit the game and then come back in again so that I can record clean demos that work.

Maybe you guys can compare demo files and see if there is some sort of corruption happening at the start of the file when the map switches.
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category General Game
Status Unconfirmed
Priority 7 - Med/Low
Affected Version 2.4
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