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Latest installer has a small error. Version 2.41 Issue Tools
issueid=320 11-07-2010 10:39 PM
Latest installer has a small error. Version 2.41
There are two gameinfo.txt files.

When I installed the game the first time around, I was getting the error FortressForever/scripts/gameinfo.txt is not a valid format. Did some googling, found a solution here, then everything was clusterfucked and it looked like I was trying to load up Lost Coast.

After a bit of tinkering around, I found that the gameinfo.txt was in too locations, FortressForever/gameinfo.txt and FortressForever/scripts/gameinfo.txt. Simple solution, delete the FortressForever/scripts/gameinfo.txt file. Worked like a charm.
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category Installation
Status Cannot Reproduce
Priority 10 - Lowest
Affected Version Undefined
Fixed Version (none)
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02-27-2012 01:01 PM
Issue Changed by Elmo
  • Status changed from Unconfirmed to Cannot Reproduce

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