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stupid problem .... gettin frustrated Issue Tools
issueid=177 06-14-2009 11:37 PM
stupid problem .... gettin frustrated

i had to reinstall my ff recently and now when i go to edit my fortress options, every time i hit "apply" or "ok" the game just strait closes on me every time ... cant get anything to fix it ... i tried reinstallin again and its still going on???? any ideas?
Issue Details
Project Fortress Forever
Category General Game
Status Cannot Reproduce
Priority 3
Affected Version 2.3
Fixed Version (none)
Users able to reproduce bug 0
Users unable to reproduce bug 2
Assigned Users (none)
Tags (none)

11-27-2009 02:52 PM
Issue Changed by Elmo
  • Status changed from Unconfirmed to Cannot Reproduce

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