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Slowfield recurring sound added to the collection. Issue Tools
issueid=350 06-26-2011 06:08 PM
Everyones favorite FreaK
Slowfield recurring sound added to the collection.
Slowfield recurring sound joins the Flame, Rocket, and Water recurring rounds that happen in FF randomly.

Summary told the story, I was in Impact yesterday and realised I had been hearing the Slow Grenade sound for a very long time, then snd_restart fixed it.

But it's another recurring sound added to the common Flamethrower/burning sound, the not so common Rocket going in a circle sound, and the less common underwater sound.

Is there any way to permanently fix them once and for all?, I only get the recurring sounds in FF. Thankfully steam has snd_restart to sort it out. Which I often use at least once every time I play, usually with the flame/burning recurring sound.

It's a small bug but I remember it through numerous versions of FF. And it seems with updates, comes more recurring sounds. In version 6.5 one day there will be hundreds of them.
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Project Fortress Forever
Category Sound
Status Fixed
Priority 10 - Lowest
Affected Version 2.42
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06-26-2011 07:06 PM
Gets tickled by FF
I'm gonna try and look into this for all such recurring sounds

I think i've got a simple method that will surely stop it for good.
06-26-2011 07:40 PM
Stuff Do-er
Fixed in 2.43 for the slowfield.
06-26-2011 08:50 PM
Everyones favorite FreaK
Originally Posted by squeek.
Fixed in 2.43 for the slowfield.
Thank you Squeek, you get things done fast.

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