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Idea for secondary spy grenade. Issue Tools
issueid=341 05-04-2011 04:17 AM
Idea for secondary spy grenade.
Disable grenade

Since the gas grenade has mixed thoughts, and is generally viewed by the devs as a throw and forget weapon, the spy needs something else. As is he's fairly underwhelming, and most people simply play him as a medic-ish class, without concs but with disguises/backstabs.

How about he gets a grenade that, on hit, disables the weapon currently being equipped by those it hits for a few seconds (3-5 seconds). This would NOT prevent +attack2 from working (so demos could still det), and on weapons that charge (rail gun, sniper rifle), it would fire the shot as the grenade hits. In addition, the defender can switch to a different weapon after a very short delay (~1 second), and it would not work at all on melee weapons (mostly to help engies out). It could still disable SGs though, but they would have to be repairable.

Make it have a tight area of effect - maybe a little smaller than the frag grenade's splash. Spawn with 1, limit of 2. Have it be primable while cloaked, although nearby enemies would still hear the grenade click.

I think it'd add a neat amount of depth to playing spy. You could disable a key defender right as your team's swooping in to get the flag. It'd make the D vs. spy interaction more interesting than "kill him before he throws 2 grens at the SG" - the spy could just disable the SG while attacking other defenders, or stop the demo from refreshing pipes after he dets once...lots of possibilities.

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05-04-2011 07:22 PM
Everyones favorite FreaK
I'm not sure, I like the idea of changing the spy secondary grenade, but I don't know if I would like the spy to be able to disable your equipped weapon.

At the same time though, it wouldn't be a great grenade to have.. if you disable a Snipers Sniper Rifle, to then attack them, they can still pull out their Autorifle and prime a grenade, which is what they would do in 90% of cases anyway... every class can switch to a secondary fairly powerful weapon.

And it would complicate the Demoman, I always thought the demoman's blue and yellow pipes, came from the same weapon, with a different setting... so it would disable the Demoman almost completely.. (to make any sense), they would need to bring out their very weak shotgun, so it would be considerably more powerful against the Demoman than other classes... And they already have enough on their plates with EMP's able to use their ammo against them.

I think to change the secondary spy grenade, it would need to be on the same line as the current one, but maybe with a more drastic effect. Maybe instead of a slow smoke, it could blow up similar to a Conc effect, for example.. but instead of propelling, anyone caught in the Blast radius, gets completely distorted and maybe stopped dead in their tracks for 0.5 of a second, could even be to the extent that their controls reverse, or their view turns upside down for 5 seconds or so. So they can still fight, but are at a huge disadvantage.

The current secondary grenade effect turns your view green and rippled as you know, and confuses some details, like team colours, health and such. But you can still put your money on people running towards your base, or people running towards you with a crowbar out, regardless of colour, are enemies... and I can still easily snipe and aim under that effect, it doesn't do much.

So maybe more drastic effects would be an improvement?, a spy basically needs something to distract enemies, to let them slip past, or give teammates a window to push forward, and the blast radius could be that of an EMP for example, which I find to have quite a range.

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