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Adding custom LUA for all maps Issue Tools
issueid=147 04-11-2009 01:55 AM
Adding custom LUA for all maps
Using an lua on all maps

If we could use a custom lua for any map without including it in the <mapname>.lua file it could allow us to use plugin like features.

I tried including a custom lua via base.lua (because this is loaded every map) but some functions didn't work.

I was thinking there could be a file named 'custom_includes.lua', and any include path in this file would automatically be loaded every single map AFTER all other lua files are loaded.

Example if this idea was implemented:
- There is an lua that removed the conc effect and gave players quad damage.
- Then we include this lua in the 'custom_includes.lua'.
- This way a skills server admin could easily remove the conc effect and give players quad without editing the <mapname>.lua file.

That was only a simple example but I'm sure many of us could think of a lot more cool ideas.

How hard could this be to add in the next patch?!
Issue Details
Issue Type Feature
Project Fortress Forever
Category LUA (Map Scripting)
Status Implemented
Priority 4
Suggested Version 2.3
Implemented Version 2.42
Votes for this feature 5
Votes against this feature 0
Assigned Users Dexter
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04-17-2009 07:55 PM
Yes this will be great, thanks!!!

(I saw what you posted last night before it was deleted)

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