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FFA team via lua or FF Issue Tools
issueid=137 02-28-2009 02:31 AM
FFA team via lua or FF
A new team that isn't a team...

I'd like to suggest the idea of a new team to FF that isn't team allied. Or at least the ability to make it so team's can kill team mates for FFA style fun maps via the lua file.

It would be nice if this non team could have a different color after all there are so many of them out there!

Short list of maps where this style of non team would be useful.

-knife arena - Free for all bloody massacre!
-Spy DM - cloaked spy wars in a dimly lite housing!
-king of hill - Take control of a the hill and rack up points!
-Take over and dominate - basically king of the hill only take control of a various other objects!

and those are just off the top of my head. Support this feature!
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Project Fortress Forever
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Priority 5 - Medium
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02-28-2009 03:11 AM
Keep On Keepin' On
Yeaahhh. A team selection where everyone could be on 1 team, but not allied would be great for new gametypes like free-for-all deathmatches and the like.
02-28-2009 04:13 AM
[AE] 0112 Ihmhi *SJB
I'd like to see this very much. FF is a team-oriented game, yes, but that's no good reason not to have FFA modes as well for larfs.

Wasn't that what mulch_dm was, on a smaller scale?
02-28-2009 06:26 AM
Yeah this would be pretty cool, maybe the "black team". When this lua is activated it would be cool if the scoreboard was pitch black with red text ;D
02-28-2009 12:44 PM
[AE] 0112 Ihmhi *SJB
Grey team? Give everyone grey/urban camo colors (since the neutral flag is grey).
03-07-2009 05:27 AM
Yarr!!!11!! I be agreeing to all them gents above

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