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Cowgoesmoo 03-27-2015 12:29 AM

Alien Like Blood
This changes the Blood to look greenish yellowish.
This is an EARLY upload, it does look a little un-tweaked.
I am new to texturing :p.

Go to where you installed fortress Forever and go to Materials/effects
Move the old .vtf and .vmt somewhere safe.
Place the new .vtf and .vmt there.
I also do not take responsibility if you delete/replace the old files.
I will tweak this to make it look better.

Yes I know its a shit one.
Deal with it.

R00Kie 03-27-2015 12:39 AM


Cowgoesmoo 03-27-2015 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by R00Ki3 (Post 507381)

I derped.

NeonLight 03-27-2015 01:10 AM

Coolio, uploading it to my dropbox masterlist

AirTrek 03-27-2015 03:57 PM

In game screenshot TYVM!

traxamillion 03-27-2015 04:49 PM

Yes a few in game screens would be great,

NeonLight 03-27-2015 04:56 PM

Sorry can't make thumbnail, phone is being dumb.

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