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tomahawk 03-16-2017 11:21 PM

I was raped once.
Hi all, I was raped once, and not in a 'got beat in a video game' sense. I was raped in a 'sex-crime' sense.

If two people post in this thread asking me to tell my story I will.

Camper 03-19-2017 11:31 PM

Darn. I feel really bad for you :(
How did it happen? I hope you're ok now ;(

tomahawk 03-20-2017 12:48 AM

Hi Camper, thanks for the reply and kind words.
As per my OP I can only discuss this super interesting and life altering event if one more person posts in this thread.

homie in reboks' 03-21-2017 07:10 PM

Hey tomahawk,

I hope you're on your road to recovery and that you're working through this terrible experience that you've had. I wish you all the best.

With that said, you should really consider looking into something like if you want to share your experience or express yourself. I don't believe these forums are necessarily the best platform for you to relive your trauma.

If you disagree and feel like this is a worthy platform, then by all means go ahead and share. Just know that there are other options out there in case you feel like you need help. Someone will always be willing to listen and lend you their assistance.

tomahawk 03-21-2017 10:42 PM

HEY! Great! Thanks for being the second poster in the thread..

I'll type up my story and post it today. [Note] I'm living in China so I just woke up. "Today" may be the middle of the night for you guys.

tomahawk 03-22-2017 02:39 AM

The scene: Outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. Night.

Set up: It was a random Sunday, and I didn't have shit to do. So, may day was spent playing games, watching movies, and drinking gin. In the evening one of the
girls I was interested in started texting me. We we chatting for about 20 minutes when She sent me a message.

She: She was a Philipina I had once dated. When I broke up with her she took it a bit hard. She punched me in the face, four times. And then stole my glasses (not cool). A few months went by, I dated around a bit. I was happy. Then She started messaging me again. "I got a new room, come take a look..". Jesus. I know where this is leading. So, I started fucking her again. It was great, she was dirty as hell, zero effort, and I never felt bad about taking off directly after I finished. Perfect.

The rape: Like I said, I had been drinking all day, just wasting time in my room when she sent the message. It was about 10pm at this point. Her: "I have extra dinner here, come over and eat.". I knew that if I didn't respond to her text she would continue sending them and ringing my phone until I did answer. I message her back that I would come over. Clothes on, and I was off. Literally stumbling down the street the two blocks to her room. When I arrived She was on the street waiting for me. She waited for me to stumble to her and suggests we go to 7-11. Fine. At 7 she buys three (or four) wine coolers. We go back to her place and I start eating. She keeps feeding me these wine coolers. Whatever. [I honestly don't remember her drinking any, maybe she did, maybe not. IDK]. Done with my dinner and several wine coolers, we start banging. It was pretty good, on the bed, on the floor, in the bathroom, out on the balcony, everywhere.
Back in the bed, She's on her back, I'm on top going hard and deep. She tells me to take the condom off. Me: "OK!". Again, inside hard and deep. Me: "Baby, I'm gonna finish", 3, 2, 1, I pull ou... She wraps her legs around me and pulls me all the way in! She: "Put a baby in me!". Me: "Uunng..." 3, 2, 1, aaaand sober! Me: "shit shit shit shit shit shit. shit.". I get dressed and stumble home.

Later: About two weeks later She tells me that she got her period. Me: "Nice..."

Lesson: I never fucked her again, while drunk. And I espessially never took the rubber off again.

I know it's not what you guys expected. But, the only reason I can think of it as a funny story now, is that she didn't have me on the hook for 18 years, and part of my life forever. This situation could have ended super bad for me.

Iggy 03-31-2017 12:34 AM

tomahawk 04-20-2017 11:45 AM

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