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AI_ 09-22-2015 10:44 PM

I'm thinking about hittin a couple pickups again. Every time I hop on I don't see em. What's the best time for me to find some EST?

Dr.Satan 09-23-2015 12:23 AM

right now :mrgreen:

Fruitcake 09-23-2015 02:14 AM

Pickups happen at different times, but usually late afternoon eastern(US) into the night.

The 2 best ways to get in pickups: #1 add people who play pickups often to your friends, we often directly message each other to fill our games. #2 Idle in the IRC channel #ff.pickup. There is a !notice command admins will use which sends out an update of how many people are added to the current pickup.

AI_ 09-24-2015 12:21 AM

I used to have a lot of people added but i have no idea what happened to my friends list. I guess whenever I have some free time I'll pop in and check. Thanks homie

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