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Rawh 02-16-2010 05:17 AM

Cought a group of server crashers

Our US PKVII server was having a field day a couple of hours ago in regards to restarting. It seems there's a steamgroup with a few people who enjoy crashing servers. This has been confirmed by talking to "ViolentCrimes of "ConvictGaming", seeing they were crashing his servers as well.

Three of the group admitted they were doing it and told a collogue admin to fuck of when they were confronted.

For any of you who are interested into the group: kneeandme.
Full group name: The Knights Who Say Knee and Me.

Their members:
Crasher1: STEAM_0:0:17747310 (Master Kuni)
Crasher2: STEAM_0:1:17524906
Crasher3: STEAM_0:1:5119962
Autonomousrex: STEAM_0:0:20272327
The None Mercy: STEAM_0:1:16339281
Fow-koh Keek: STEAM_0:0:17279336

Feel free to ban the morons from your server (or compare the steamid's to those already banned, to add another reason).

I have no details yet on how they are crashing the server(s). I'm trying to find that out!

-- Rawh

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