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[AE] 82694 05-11-2009 03:24 AM

Ban Review Info

This Section is being set up so maybe we can stop some of these stupid threads in here. Below you will find info for servers for their ban review/contact info. If you start a thread and server X has their contact info listed here your thread will be locked.

Server Owners

Server Owners, if you would like your contact info/Ban Review procedure Posted here please start a new thread pm me the url to thread and I'll get it merged in here.

your thread should include two things

1- URL to website

2- Brief description on what to do once there.

Scuzzy 05-11-2009 11:44 AM

Old-Timers Clan
The Ban Review Process has been changed for the Old Timers Clan. Ban Reviews no longer go through the Contact Us screen or through asking clan members to look into it for you. In order for a ban to be reviewed the player who owns the steam-id must request it via the Ban Review Request page. Please follow the instructions on that screen if you do not see your banned steam-id. Once you have done so you'll see a screen similiar to this:

Once being reviewed they'll see a screen like this:


If your ban review request is granted your account will be unbanned and you'll be able to connect. If not you'll see a message like one of the following:

Ban reviews are normally done within a few days. Bans are rarely lifted, but we are open to the possibility.

The FAQ on bans can be found at our site here: How do I get unbanned from the [o-t] server.


Bosley 06-16-2009 10:08 PM

East Coast FF
Ban Review Info for East Coast Gaming ('East Coast FF'):
The 'Ban Review' process is fairly simple.
1. Go the the I've Been Banned section of the forums.
2. Plead your case.
3. Make sure the username you were using at the time and your steamid are included in the post.
4. Keep in mind that only the admin who banned you may unban you.

[AE] 82694 10-13-2009 05:53 PM

Talos Server.

Originally Posted by Bridget (Post 452270)
For future reference, report Talos server or player related problems here. No registration required.

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