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Madkillz 03-31-2010 11:47 PM

Been away from the scene for a while - Back & I'd like to get FF introduced even more
Hey guys! I was known as Madkillz while I was an admin on cake's 6v6 server. I've taken a pretty long break as I have had some real life problems come up that required immediate attention. I must say, I really do get amazed at how much this game has progressed from the Beta's to the players. Nothing is better than a stop in a well known FF server with fellow FF supporters and Devs 8)

While I do return to the forum, I'd like to bring something with me. I'd like to bring a note from a friend of mine asking one of the most fit, from a regular player that has watched this game progress to a Dev to write up a review on Fortress Forever so he can feature it on his new Movie & Game Review Website!

He has given me the responsibility of getting this word out!

The website is (United Brothers Entertainment) A newly formed review website that is already getting top hits and reviews sent in!

I drop by with a message, I hope the FF Community will seize this opportunity.

Required For Submission:
Must include a Fortress Forever logo with an Image Link
It must be mentioned that this game is FREE and where it can be downloaded.
Do not go into too much detail regarding Steam as another review is in progress
Simply focus on the game itself
Reviewer must be known throughout the FF Community in a positive way
It must be mentioned that is game is for PC Only and how it derived.
Do not rant. Do not bash.
Cite all information
Include your full name to be published
Limit your review to about 4 paragraphs

I look forward to receiving many PM's and reading many posts!

:e0: Mad

Lenn 04-09-2010 11:16 AM

fuck yeah,

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