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GambiT 10-31-2007 07:08 PM

i think the curves make it prettier than it would be if it were sharp corners. besides you dont get hung up as much on curves.

can you be more specific to the curves your talking about in the SS's(the last 2 right?)

i am open to suggestions, if you present me with something that you think would look better in a certain area than what i have and i agree, i will certainly try it out.

Ihmhi 11-01-2007 05:48 AM

If I were a srs mapper I would probably only put sharp curves/corners on a map where I wanted players to get stuck.

Curves look nicer IMO and more importantly they can be used in ever so many ways for movement skills. Well's bunker roof, for instance, has a very tiny curve (I think like 8 hammer units high?) in the middle of the roof. If you hit that with a double conc (or one good HH) you will sail straight up to the enemy roof from ground level.

GambiT 11-13-2007 01:07 AM

new SS's first post, i realize that a lot of things still need tweaking. right now i'm wondering how it plays, if i need to make any major structural changes. i still have a list of stuff to do. it will be up on 3 different servers in the coming days, definitely before this weekend.

[AE] 82694 11-13-2007 01:33 AM

sweet can't wait.

GambiT 11-13-2007 04:41 PM

once you play it(this weekend) please post ALL comments good or bad here, i will keep a list up to date in the first post. i am willing to compromise so that we ALL enjoy this map.

Dr.Satan 11-13-2007 04:57 PM

omg i want to play this map sooooooooooooo bad...have you finished it yet?

GambiT 11-13-2007 05:11 PM

im getting a leak now when i try to compile. only thing i've added is the nogren and nobuilds since last compile, so it shouldnt be hard at all to fix. the point file is not helping at all, in fact its way out in the grid away from my base. i'm going to redo them tonight and let it compile while i watch "House".

only other thing is i have NO experience putting textures into the bsp, so i need to figure that out asap.

would i make the RES file show each individual texture and vmt i used or just the folder(ff_redgiant)? and that would make y'all DL all of them right?

nodnarb 11-13-2007 06:02 PM

GambiT 11-14-2007 12:24 PM

i compiled it last night, will try that tonight.

also, do "nogrens" work? or not?

i put them in my map, and they dont work, wondering if i done them wrong or if they just dont work.

nobuilds work though.

GambiT 11-14-2007 04:56 PM

Map Analyst MAN

which one? i'm new to this and want to use the one that is easiest...

[AE] 82694 11-14-2007 11:19 PM

Well how many files do you have. Most that I have put on the server go something like this.


Those are the two main folders and files in those ones unless I fucked up some place. It all depends on how you set up your map. If you have custom sounds and textures then I think they have to go some place else but thes guys know better than me.

Edit: then zip or rare your choice.

GambiT 11-14-2007 11:44 PM

i have, right now, 1 custom texture(the snow[hl2] and dirt[FF]) but i also have 2 more blend textures i made for the skybox that isnt in yet. the textures are in "materials/ff_redgiant" so would i include the folder "ff_redgiant" or include just the textures in the folder? i imagine that i would just include the folder and everything in it would go with it, but ya never know.

i'm also considering making my own signs.

once i release the map i will also release the textures on here for the mappers around here, there just wasnt enough snow textures for me.

[AE] 82694 11-15-2007 12:27 AM

Just look at your server ftp.

materials/ff_redgiant/texture name.vmt,.vtf

Edit: sorry about the edit again.
I learned all this stuff from uploading files to the server. I keep a working server copy on my desk top of all the important zips, map files , map bz2 files. So I have unziped compressed up loaded all that shit all the maps from here.

GambiT 11-16-2007 02:37 AM

the beta is on [AE]'s server, the IP is in the first post.

please post ALL comments here, good or bad.

it will be on Old Timers server shortly as well as our's, i will let you know when the map is on them.

trepid_jon 11-16-2007 03:22 AM

Pretty cool theme going on. Dark maps tend to be less played, so be careful with that. Jesse and I came close to making cz2 a day/dusk map just for that reason, but decided we like cool lighting better than player counts.......or cause we thought we made it bright enough (but who knows?).

I'd say this area seems kinda bland...

But it's still early, I guess. So yeah...make her smell pretty.

GambiT 11-16-2007 03:53 AM

i love dark maps. this is how that section looks currently:

it is still early, and alot of tweeking to do im sure, it'll look ALOT better once i get the mountains in.

zSilver_Fox 11-16-2007 04:06 AM


I love you.

GambiT 11-16-2007 04:08 AM

lol im flattered, really, but i already have to many to keep up with. :lol:

barronofhellion 11-16-2007 04:35 AM

well just got a chance to play... have to say its looking great... if you make the snow shiny like you said it think it would look even better.. however i happen to notice that snow+fog+spy = worthless heh
-edit imo i would put a railing where the spawn room is to make it look like your not floating

4est 11-16-2007 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by GambiT
i love dark maps. this is how that section looks currently:

it is still early, and alot of tweeking to do im sure, it'll look ALOT better once i get the mountains in.

That looks absolutely amazing... DO THE DARK!

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