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NeonLight 05-14-2012 06:28 PM

Download link:

Reduced mid map by 50%, 13 seconds from spawn to flag as a scout. Preferred as a pub map or 4ov5d pickup style.


Yes the infamous threewave ctf map Spider Crossings is coming to Fortress Forever.

Here's a couple sneak peaks:

All the basic brushwork is done as of now I wont be adding detailed brushes till the map has been tested a bit.

The only thing I'm waiting on before releasing (other than texturing) is powerup lua code if anyone wants to help with that.

Elmo 05-14-2012 06:55 PM

cool beans

CaptainAhab 05-14-2012 08:10 PM



Dexter 05-15-2012 01:15 AM

which powerups

NeonLight 05-15-2012 01:35 AM

Quad and regeneration. I have some wavs for pickup announcement, usage and wear off already but the whole coding for it is just beyond me.

Dexter 05-15-2012 01:40 AM

oh you wanna copy the 3w map verbatim? ok i'll try it out for fun

NeonLight 05-15-2012 01:40 AM

Lovely ty for the effort :)

Dexter 05-15-2012 02:06 AM

jesus christ i cant get hammer to work like some noobie

Dexter 05-15-2012 06:44 AM

well that was a fun way to remind myself i dont remember any lua, or any ff callbacks.

I got a basic regen done, but its virtually pointless because you cant take player health over class max. i was playing with 10h/10a regen but i just dont know about that

NeonLight 06-03-2012 02:11 AM

Been busy with another project and tons of competitive tribes stuff but I have slowly been working on it! Here's an updated pic. Still unsure of all the textures.

NeonLight 07-18-2012 07:08 PM

Small update

CaptainAhab 07-18-2012 08:07 PM


NeonLight 07-21-2012 05:51 PM

Another small update.

Just model stuff and code to do.

FDA_Approved 07-21-2012 06:07 PM

I hate how the quake rpg constantly wobbles everywhere.

moosh 07-21-2012 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by FDA_Approved (Post 494525)
I hate how the quake rpg constantly wobbles everywhere.

Jester (the person who ported the model to ff) removed the idle animation in a recompile and posted it on here years ago, unfortunately like 60% of the ff customs it's long gone :confused:.

KubeDawg 07-21-2012 08:42 PM

I've got the files for the one that doesn't move. I just need to know what the file names are and I will upload em.

moosh 07-22-2012 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by KubeDawg (Post 494527)
I've got the files for the one that doesn't move. I just need to know what the file names are and I will upload em.




I took the paths from quakeRPG.rar so forgive me if I'm wrong. Please upload the version that doesn't wobble around and you shall win the internet. :thumbsup:

KubeDawg 07-22-2012 02:45 AM

moosh 07-22-2012 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by KubeDawg (Post 494529)

Freakin' awesome, thanks a lot! Couldn't stand that thing going all over the place like a fish out of the pond. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

GenghisTron 07-28-2012 03:46 AM

You've come a long way Neon, great job.

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