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GeoKill-----> 10-01-2007 12:29 AM

All Your Mapping Needs
Request a Map
Request a remake of a map

The Super Maplist Thread
A list of Maps being worked on

Map Editing on the FF wiki
Includes a (incomplete) Lua reference, tips and helpful links.

Resupply brush tutorial
How to make a resupply pad that gives players ammo, health, and armor when they touch it.

Map Hosting Sites
Sites that will host your map

How to Make FF Maps
Well detail explanation on making FF maps (setting up hammer/entities etc.)

Beefy's Request to Mappers Re: Blue Logo
A request to set the Blue Logo the correct way

Mapping Resources

Conc Lua Script
Updated 9/16/07 - Version 1.1
Fortress Forever tutorials such as making Loading screens

Community Map Pack
Dr. Satan will release a community map pack set for 12/21/07 so mappers finish your maps so it will be included in this pack download by many FF players

Warpath Style Lua Scipt
Contains a map example/Lua/.vmf/HUD vgui icon/etc...

Hint Brushes in Maps
Contains a nice, easy to follow tutorial on hint brushes and how to use them.

A great tutorial on water and how to create a water brush correctly.

Fix for Blurry Loading Screens
[I]An easy little tutorial explaining how to make your map's loading screen stay readable at lower graphics settings.

Tutorial: Compiling Using Batch Files
A tutorial by some of the earlier devs for compiling using batch files

Creating a spinning fan blade(model) w/ func_rotating
Just click the link...

A sample vmf on using _rt_camera in ff

How to make a proper ladder.
Credge explains how to make a a ladder that feels great in game

Security System / Shutdown Style CTF tutorial shows you how to do a Shutdown Style CTF map.

Competitive CTF Mapping Guidelines
AfterShock goes over the Competitive CTF Mapping Guidelines

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