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  1. Nuk3m
    01-08-2009 07:03 PM
    What I mean is, what I should to do detail the base further. I mean the texturing is good, but it still feels like just a shell to me, I want to make a lighting / model theme that increases the feel of the map. I want to use the team flag models, light models, etc. Aside from that, I need to get VIS working properly. IDK.

    I normally use walls 16 units thick, just gives me more room to play with. im not mapping god, but I think I did a good job on my map.
  2. Elmo
    01-08-2009 12:58 PM
    loads of silly things like that but I can't stand to work on maps that aren't clear in the vmf.. there's no reason to make it messy and it helps to keep things in proportion through the map.

    Bases should feel a little different anyway (hopefully for the good)

    What exactly are you working on at the moment?

    I've soooo not done any work today ... lol
  3. Elmo
    01-08-2009 12:58 PM
    What exactly do you mean "what you should do with the map", is it with regards to the gametype or geometry or...?

    n1 cleaning it up. A while back, with medieval, I regained a shitload of brushes when I realised all my curved bits of metal should've been 1 brush.. not 6 was nothing for performance but got a lot of brushes back. Feel quite dumb when I realise I've done things like that.

    bases won't see much of a performance increase from what I'm doing now. I'm just tidying up the vmf really (some people would say its not worth doing...its probably not). Some walls use some really irregular brushes, some rooms are really odd sizes

    Eg. space of 180 between walls then 32 width brushes for the walls making it 244.. so i increase it to 192 so that is spans 256 in total which looks much nicer when inline with the grid..
  4. Nuk3m
    01-08-2009 10:29 AM
    Yeah I just did the same with my map... remade the entire base, i cut out a ton of brush faces, in the old build, a compile would yield 19% used for just the one base, ive been able to cut that down to 9%. hopefully VIS, will be better too. Optimizing it wasnt too difficult, im just now trying to maximize the detail, but just dont know what I should do with the map.
  5. Elmo
    01-08-2009 08:10 AM
    Whhhaaaaaaa, this stuff is crazy, before we know it it'll be facebook on ff forums!!

    not up 2 much - pushed out a medieva_b3a test last night. consensus was that it was much better so I've almost finished fixing a few things and will push out the b3 on forums soon.

    Also been doing bases lighting and smoothing stuff out such as adding clips, making sure light shadows behave correctly...

    But as usual I couldn't help myself and remade the fr -> midramps -> secret -> secret water -> lift

    There's no real clear difference to geometery but the lighting will be brighter and behave better. Also saved a shit load of brushes in FR. One part I have changed (which might be reverted back) is the secret bit (which should not be confused with the bit at top of lift with the water).

    Anyway at work... i should work... speak later
  6. Nuk3m
    01-07-2009 05:05 PM
    hey elmo, whats up?

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