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XMas Avatars
Any and all XMas avatars can be stored here for future use. If they're being made for another person, the avatar will be uploaded here, and linked.
Xmas Avatar for GenghisTron, 2009 
Obvious Edition
Xmas Avatar for GenghisTron, 2009 
Subtle Edition
Xmas Avatar for Hype, 2009
Bully's Xmas Avatar, 2009.
Dr Satan's Xmas Avatar, 2009.
Circ's Xmas Avatar 2009, now with a more obvious Candy Cane!
Etzell HD
Etzell's Xmas Avatar 2009, v1.
Elmo's Xmas Avatar, 2009.
Edited form of Iggy's 20009 xmas Avatar.  Will delete whichever he doesn't want...
Animated xmas Avatar for Iggy, 2009.
My own xmas avatar for 2009.
Potential Xmas Avatar for Circuitous

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