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I run from wild animals
I watch my followers fight a dragon
I hide behind a tree while my followers fight a spriggan
I used the bucket-on-head trick to pickpocket since my skill was low.  It didn't work though I think it only applies to stealing things that are in...
I guess I had swung my dagger at her just before opening her merchant dialogue so it froze like that
the date on the screenshot said september 2011
the trees make this picture some sort of optical mindboggle
nice scenery.  I'm still not used to how far you can see in modern games.  I upgraded my computer in 2010, before that I only played tfc and...
pretty... had to take a screenshot when I saw it
the town of balmora in morrowind at night, after a week's worth of installing mods and graphical tweaks this was the result.  normally you couldn't...
I use an exploit in STALKER: clear sky, which duplicates a gun this old man gives you for completing a quest
a pub changed to an escape map while there were 20+ people in it
there was fighting going on here
screenshot from new vegas

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